How to start a Blog in 2020

How to start Blog in 2020

Hello, friends. I am Navratan paliya Today I will tell you how to make a blog. Blogging is a very good way to earn online.

Many people want to learn but they don’t have any right way Many people search on Youtube, But they get half incomplete knowledge, then they do not learn. You don’t have to worry I will teach you with WordPress, in which you do not need knowledge of any programming language. Before you start, let me tell you that WordPress is a tool to create a website, with the help of this you can create a website with the help of simple drag and drop. I want to tell you in advance that a little money will be invested in hosting and domain and this money will never go waste because you will get so much to learn in it.

You must follow these steps to create a blog.
1. Choose a good niche for your Blog.
2. Choose a domain 
3. Choose hosting.
4.install WordPress
5. Choose a perfect theme for your blog

So let’s start
1. Choose a good niche for your Blog.
First of all, you have to choose the niche of your blog, you will see what your passion is and should be valuable with the passion if you have chosen such a niche and it has no value on the internet, no search for it. If it does not, that niche has no meaning.

Do not try to create a blog in which you write an article on multiple niches. I will always advise you to create a micro-niche because it is easy to rank a micro-niche blog. Micro niche means a particular topic on which you will tell only related things. This way you will first choose your niche

2. Choose a domain -When choosing a domain, make sure that your niche is visible in that domain. And let the domain not be too long, choose fewer words and make it simple so that it can be remembered easily.
Like yahoo, bing google, etc.
Now comes the domain extension, nowadays a lot of extensions have started coming like- .online, .net,, .usa, etc
But while selecting them, it should be kept in mind that our niche is related to whom and in which country we want to spread it like we are writing a post in our regional language like Hindi, then most of its visitors will be from India, then put a .in in the domain. Would be right because this is showing the area’s characteristics. And if our niche is related to computers, which is in the English language, then the whole world will see it, then it will be right to put a .com in it. .COM is is a TLD (Top Level Domain)

Ok now you have to check whether our domain is SEO friendly or not Go to Namemash

And then type your desired domain I type “tech seo”

How to start a Blog in 2020

The message will appear that not available and I scroll down

And we see SEO results. This good for your blog Choose any Domain of these which you like.

Ok now copy domain name and then go to next step

3. Choose hosting – Hosting is the most important work in creating a website because we invest money in it. Don’t worry I will tell you the best hosting website that’s cheap and reliable. The name of that website is the Bluehost It is a very good hosting provider. Its uptime is 99.9%
When I first started the blog, I did not have the money, then I came to know about this website from the internet and I bought its plan.

Go to Bluehost click here

Choose Plan for Hosting

Select one of these plans and get free ssl and free domain with all plans. If you are a Beginner, then you should take a Plus Plan because with this you get the advantage of creating an unlimited website, you can do unlimited experiments. Also you are getting unlimited SSD.

fill your domain name 

Fill all your information in it and deselect the extra services as we do not need them, then pay after that.

4. Install wordpress – It installs wordpress automatic 

and login via below image

5. Choose a perfect theme for your blog

go to WordPress dashboard >Appearance>theme 

and the a lot of theme get here some 

Here you will find many themes, some will be installed in advance and if you want another theme, you can search in the search box.

You can also use the feature filter to search for a particular theme.

Besides, I will tell you about the most favorite plugins of WordPress which will help you in creating a blog.

  1. Elementor – Elementor is my favorite plugin, with the help of it, you can easily create beautiful websites, so you don’t have to install any other theme because everything gets in it, you can design the theme yourself.                                     

You can install the plugin in this way.

Dashboard>plugins>add new>search>elementor>install>active

There are many more plugins, if you want, I will make a post on them, so tell me in the comments

Other plugin’s name 

  • Yoast SEO
  • Contact Form 7
  • LiteSpeed Cache
  • Akismet Anti-Spam
  • Ninja Forms


If you liked this post, then share it and comment below and share it and if you want me to create a post in detail of the whole WordPress, then write 2.0 in the comment


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